Course Info

This is the ultimate course which combines the power of Robotics/Control Systems with MATLAB and LABVIEW , under the mentorship of robotics educators who have collectively won over 46 national titles and 12 international representations for Pakistan. In today's high-tech world, MATLAB and LABVIEW are being used in almost every engineering-related discipline. Whether it’s a simulation, prototype or the final product, both these tools are always there to help! Ace your Final Year Project with ease and enhance your job prospects using the skills to be learned in this course.

Course Outline

MATLAB Content:

  • Introduction to MATLAB and its applications
  • Number manipulations to solve certain problems
  • Matrix manipulations
  • Data visualization
  • Loops/Structures/Conditions
  • Introduction to Mindstorms Lego EV3
  • Interfacing EV3 and MATLAB using Bluetooth and USB communications
  • Visualizing sensor data on MATLAB
  • Tuning a PID Controller using MATLAB data

LABVIEW Content:

  • Introduction to LabVIEW and its applications
  • Comparison : MATLAB vs LABVIEW
  • Understanding of Front Panels, Block Diagrams, Icon, Connector Panels
  • Plotting and Visualizing Data
  • Creating Simple Applications
  • Understanding Advance Concepts like Structures, Loops, Timing Control, Feedback
  • Understanding Number and String Manipulation
  • Understanding Basic Signal Processing
  • Interfacing EV3 and LABVIEW
  • Visualizing Sensor Data
  • Different Robotics related Exercise and tasks

Dates & Timing

Dates: 05 to 09 June 2017

Time : 0900 hrs to 1400 hrs


You can either register for the course as a single student or register as a group of two students. In each case, the fee per person is different, i.e., PKR 6000 for single student and PKR 4000 each in case of two students. Every single registrant or the group will be furnished with one laptop and one LEGO EV3 robot. You are required to bring one laptop pre-installed with MATLAB and LABVIEW with you if you are arriving as a group of two.