Course Info

This is the ultimate course which combines the power of Robotics/Control Systems with MATLAB and LABVIEW , under the mentorship of robotics educators who have collectively won over 46 national titles and 12 international representations for Pakistan. In today's high-tech world, MATLAB and LABVIEW are being used in almost every engineering-related discipline. Whether it’s a simulation, prototype or the final product, both these tools are always there to help! Ace your Final Year Project with ease and enhance your job prospects using the skills to be learned in this course.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Linux and its Application
  • Interfacing the EV3 Brick using SSH
  • Exploring Linux using different commands
  • Understanding the concept of Programming in Linux
  • Basics of Python to get you started
  • Making the Robot Move in Python
  • Reading different Sensors in Python

Dates & Timing

Dates: JULY 19 - JULY 23, 2017

Time : 1200 hrs to 1400 hrs


You can either register for the course as a single student or register as a group of two students. In each case, the fee per person is different, i.e., PKR 3000 for single student and PKR 2000 each in case of two students. Every single registrant or the group will be furnished with one laptop and one LEGO EV3 robot. You are required to bring one laptop with you if you are arriving as a group of two. Please arrive at least 15 minutes earlier if you are bringing your own laptop so that the necessary software can be installed before the class begins.