Parallel Processing with Raspberry Pi 3

Course Info

Raspberry Pi is a simple and an affordable computer that is used world-wide for helping students of all ages, learn programming. Latest versions of Raspberry Pi modules, e.g., Raspberry Pi 3 is a multi-core processor which can handle tasks in parallel. This gives an amazing opportunity to learn the benefits of parallel programming in such a simplistic setting.

Raspberry Pi 3 is also used to process images. It was recently used by a Pakistani Team in Singapore Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Challenge (SAUVC 2017) to process underwater video and implement visual servoing (see details at The Pakistani team managed to win the world's second largest underwater robotics competition. You will have the opportunity to interact with the mentors of the same team during this workshop. So, hop right in and experience this incredible learning experience with RoboMinors.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Linux
  • Introduction to Raspberry PI
  • Getting Started with Raspberry PI
  • Getting used to Linux In Raspberry PI
  • Writing and Compiling C code
  • Understanding Parallel Processing and its applications
  • Writing Parallel Code in Raspberry Pi

Dates & Timing

Dates: 03 - 07 July 2017

Time : 1300 hrs to 1500 hrs


You can either register for the course as a single student or register as a group of two students. In each case, the fee per person is different, i.e., PKR 4500 for single student and PKR 3000 each in case of two students. Every single registrant or the group will be furnished with one laptop and one Raspberry Pi 3.