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Photography is an art which is learnt by those who have an eye to see the beauty in an ordinary thing. This photography course will help you to capture all the beautiful moments through camera.


  • This course will help the learners to learn the details of photography so that they can operate the camera manually.
  • Techniques of landscape as well as portrait photography will be taught to make the learners expert of all the fields of photography.
  • Learners will be taught professionally so that they can pursue photography as a profession in future.
  • Indoor and outdoor practices will be provided during the course to make all the concepts clear


  • Camera Operation and Handling.
  • Basic Camera Parts and Icon.
  • Details of Exposure, Aperture and Shutter Speed
  • Reading the Camera Meter.
  • Understanding Composition: Leading lines, Rule of Third, Frames, Foreground and background, S-curves, Patterns, Light and Shadow.
  • Portraiture and Posing.
  • Editing in Lightroom: Size, Resolution, Tools and Techniques for Retouching and Repairing, Straightening, Cropping, Replacing Color, Saturation, Scaling, Selecting and Refining Edges.
  • About Camera Raw.
  • Adjusting White Balance and Exposure.
  • Curves
  • Image Repair and Enhancement
  • Adjusting Individual Areas of the Photo
  • Adjust Shadow and Highlight.
  • Reduce or add Noise or Blur.
  • Correct Image Distortion
  • Add Depth of Field.
  • Sharpening Techniques
  • Get rid of Red Eye and Dark areas around eyes.
  • Remove Spots, Specs, Blemishes.
  • Subject in Shadow.
  • Remove or Repair Unwanted Image Areas
  • Indoor and Outdoor Practice Shoots.


  • One Month
  • Weekend Classes: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.


  • Rs. 7000