Emotional Intelligence

Course Info

This Emotional Intelligence course is designed by INDUCTIN to enhance performance in important areas of human development.

Course Features

The key objective of Emotional Intelligence training is to enhance performance in three important areas of human development:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Self-Direction

Course Overview

A brief description of each area is given as follows:

  • Know Yourself: It gives you the “what” – when you Know Yourself, you know your strengths and challenges, you know what you are doing, what you want, and what to change.
  • Choose Yourself: It provides the “how” – it shows you how to take action, how to influence yourself and others, how to “operationalize” these concepts.
  • Give Yourself: It delivers the “why” – when you Give Yourself you are clear and full of energy so you stay focused why to respond in a certain way, why to move in a new direction, and why others should come on board.

Outcomes/Key Takeaways

The EQ training enables participants make better choices in their personal life, and at work by learning to respond proactively instead of reacting habitually and unconsciously. They would know where they are now and where they need to go, with a strategy on how and why to move from A to B.