How it Works

Step 1 Jobseeker:

When students come to Inductin, they are assessed for their skills and strengths by our trained phycologists who employ the latest techniques to connect students with the best courses. This assessment not only covers the skills students need but also their soft skills such as communication and presentation. Our view is to connect the student with the courses that they are best suited for so that they can have the maximum impact in the industry.

Step 2 Training in Inductin:

Inductin has a unique model by which it provides training to students and graduates in areas that are sought after in the industry. Courses are taught by professionals working in those areas at major corporations around the country and train students strictly based on industry demand. After one month of training, students are placed on live projects at various client sites where they are expected to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding the subject through practical work experience. In addition, as part of their curriculum, students are also taken through a soft skills training module in which trained psychologists and HR professionals teach them the fundamentals of soft skills such as interpersonal communication, stress management and presentation skills.

In the two-month association with Inductin, students also gain access to a wide variety of mentors across the academic and corporate sector of Pakistan who guide them on the finer aspects of finding jobs or starting a business. Students that complete the course work and practical module of their courses are eligible for placement at various companies such as telecommunication firms, government agencies or IT service providers.

Step 3 Deployed:

Armed with industry relevant training and skills, out students are prime candidates for companies in the market. Companies have the option of engaging our students either as interns or full-time students. Students can also utilize the Inductin network to seek out opportunities be it jobs or entrepreneurial ventures.

Through our iLance program, students also remain connected with Inductin not only to become part of our network but also gain access to seminars, workshops and various events that Inductin facilitates.


Get professional mentoring, guidance, focused classroom and practical training and business soft skills

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