TOTAL (Training of Teachers as Leaders)
TOTAL (Training of Teachers as Leaders) is a program conceived for academic empowerment and meaningful youth building. The project offers training in the areas of communication, emotional intelligence, self-development & assessment, consulting & capacity development in order to enable the teachers to provide students with necessary personal, professional & intellectual tools, so as for them to become valuable assets to the society.
At Rehnuma, the candidates shall be provided an opportunity to aptly prepare themselves for the Initial test and the ISSB test. Each preparatory activity shall take place under the hands-on supervision of seasoned armed forces personnel.
Rehbar is a two week training program that shall provide the young trainees with the necessary personality attributes that shall allow them to flourish in any profession and in any professional setting.
Ba'ad Numa
Ba'ad Numa is a career navigation program that shall allow the young minds to recognize their aptitudes and opt for the right career choice that shall enable them to optimally realize their potential and reach the unchartered realms of excellence.