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3D Character Animation Workshop

The four-week animation workshop is designed to fit the needs of students as well as professionals.
Course Info

Course Objectives:

By the end of the program, the students will have the ability to create quality 3D characters from ground up. They will learn the professional level workflows in the design process. And while focusing on the core skill set, they will gradually be getting acquainted with the Maya software environment. They will learn and implement the complete character development pipeline.

Course Description:

This 3D Character Animation Workshop is designed for students who want to learn the essentials of 3D character design process & animation with high-end 3D computer programs but do not have the time required to devote to full-time study as a year-round student.

This intense 4 weeks workshop covers the entire character creation process. Students will learn the entire workflow:

  • Overview of 3D Animation & VFX industry
  • Future job prospects in the digital media industry in Pakistan & abroad
  • Intensive HAND-ON training by the professionals in the field.
  • Character design & development steps:
    • Character Base Body: Design & Acquire
    • Character Dress Shape Designing
    • Character Dress Mesh Designing
    • Character Skeleton Creation
    • Character Animation
  • Overview of complete workflow
  • Career Counselling

Topics Included:

  • Tools and techniques for prop modelling in Autodesk Maya, and examine the process of how to create models for a variety of applications. Students will work on full production style "pipeline", taking the reference from design to proxy, and on to the final model.

  • 3D design tool for clothes and fabrics, used in animated films and video game development for 3D character design, 3D art, 3D Models and 3D Animation.

  • Virtual Reality (VR) is an emerging medium that is changing the way that people experience entertainment, education, and a widening array of applications that extend beyond the entertainment industry. Students will learn the guidelines & requirement’s of creating characters for these emerging technologies.

  • Learn to create unique 3D characters that come to life with realistic textures! Character creation is one of the most dynamic and exciting parts of designing and modeling 3D games and films. This hands-on Maya experience covers every aspect of the character creation process from concept and design to the finished product. Through modeling, texturing, and prepping your rig for animation, you’ll learn how to do it all using the industry standard for CGI creation.

Learning Outcomes:

In this 4-Week 3D Character Animation Workshop students learn the fundamentals of 3D animation — basic modeling techniques, character design & development process, and much more — through hands-on experience with the industry-standard Maya software, which has been used in every film to win an Oscar for best visual effects since 1997. Over the course of the four weeks, students quickly develop from learning how to perform basic modeling to start developing their own characters for VR, gaming, film & broadcast.

The 4-Week 3D character animation workshop shares the same focus as our one year ‘’3D ANIMATION & VFX’’ program: learning by doing. At School of Animation, courses are taught by active professionals in the field, who are able to convey theory as a tool to be used to create great art. The goal is not only to offer students a better understanding of animation, but to empower them to create their own films and pursue a future in the field of animation.

Starting Date:

  • March 3rd, 2018


  • 4 Weeks - Weekends
  • 3 Hours/Class - 2 Times/ Week (6 Hours/ Week)
  • Saturday & Sunday

Fee: Rs 10000

Download Catalogue for further details regarding workshop.

Course Overview
1. Intro to Computer Animation
1.1 Introduction to 3D Art
1.2 Introduction to 3D Animation
1.3 Introduction to Autodesk Maya
1.4 MAYA Beginner's Guide
1.5 Basic workflow in Maya
1.6 3D modeling overview
1.7 Animation cycle overview
2. Process in the creation of base model
2.1 Creating base model from MakeHuman software
2.2 Polygon modeling overview in Autodesk Maya
3. Overview of modeling techniques
3.1 Importing base character
3.2 Marvelous user interface
3.3 Creating 2D dress patterns
3.4 Sewing dress parts
3.5 Setting up techniques using simulation
3.6 Saving the final dress as 3D mesh
4. Making complicated dress models in professional grade software
4.1 Create new topology with Quad Draw
4.2 Refine existing topology with Quad Draw
4.3 Quad Draw Tool hotkeys
4.4 Parent topic: Polygonal Modeling
5. Overview of texturing process in Maya
5.1 How to texture a model in Maya
5.2 Planar projections
5.3 Unfolding UV's
5.4 Texturing human character
6. Overview of 3D rigging
6.1 Understanding the basics of rigging
6.2 Creating skeletons
6.3 Rigging characters
6.4 Using Maya's new HumanIK skeletons/rigs
6.5 Using Quick rig option
6.6 Binding skin using Smooth Bind
6.7 Painting and editing skin
7. Overview of 3D Character Animation – WALK-CYCLE
7.1 Introduction to 3D Character Animation
7.2 Animation Workflow using references
7.3 Basic animations
7.4 Character animation basics
7.5 Retargeting
8. Overview of the lighting & rendering in Maya
8.1 Introduction to lighting in Maya
8.2 Introduction to Rendering using Arnold
8.3 Evaluation
8.4 Career Counseling