Faisal Khawaja

Character Animation Instructor

Faisal Khawaja has over 25 years international experience in computer graphics and animation. He started his School of animation in Karachi about 18 years ago, where he successfully trained many animators. They are now working in the field as experienced professional animators not only in Pakistan but in Malaysia, UK as well as in US. Faisal Khawaja’s area of specialization is within; immersive displays, command and control rooms, simulator display system & CG Character Design & Simulation, Hardware Designed for Immersive Display Technology 8K+. He has also developed World’s first Hajj Simulator with Malaysian and Saudi Government to train the pilgrims for Hajj/Umrah before they travel. His true passion has always been teaching and taking our youth forward into the International animation World, keeping this in the forefront he has recently initiated this high-end, "SKILL DEVELOPMENT TASK PAKISTAN".